New Idea for Upcyling Cardboard Boxes

I found this great “upcycled” craft a few weeks ago on another blog and wanted to share it with you.  It would be a great gift for the kids in your life, either to make for them or with them!  I have been recycling cardboard for a while now and have quite a lot of product boxes to choose from for this craft, so it ought to prove interesting.

The featured post below uses Mod Podge, but  I found a post on another blog about “homemade Mod Podge” complete with a recipe, as well as another blog listing the reasons you might not want to use homemade mod-podge.  After reading the reasons listed on why we might find the commercial stuff better, I also found this post, that adds clear varnish to the homemade recipe.  Personally, I’m going to try the homemade recipe for this craft and see how it turns out before I give any away as gifts.  If it doesn’t work out well, I’ll buy some “real” Mod Podge.

Thanks, Beckie – this idea is a winner!

Cereal Box Crafts: Notepads

April 12, 2011 By

Greeting friends today we are going to make cereal box notepads.  We are continuing on with our recycle theme in honor of Earth Day coming up next week (Friday, April 22nd). These are so fun to make and give and I think they would be a terrific addition to a birthday party goodie bag.  So go to your recycling bin and grab some fun boxes and lets get started.



cereal boxes or other cardboard

Mod podge (I used matte)

Wide thin paintbrush

2 large binder clips

2 paint stir sticks

Exacto Knife & ruler or Paper cutter


1.  First of all decide what size your notepad will be based on the paper you have.  You can use notecards, an existing notepad, binder paper or cut up some paper from an old composition book.  Using a paper cutter or an Exacto knife with a straight edge cut your paper the size you want it.

earth day craft

2.  Look through all of the boxes you have and then cut out the cardboard box to fit the same size as your paper you just cut.  Cut one for the front of your notepad and one for the back using a paper cuter or Exacto knife with a ruler.

cereal box craft

3.  Sandwich the paper in between your two cardboard cereal boxes you cut out.  Line them up all nicely shifting them in place until the top or side edge (depending on what side you plan on gluing) is even.

4. Place the paint stir stick on the front and back of your notepad and secure the binder clip on top.  This will hold the book in place while you bind the top with glue.

crafting with cereal boxes

5.  Remove one of the binder clips and apply an even medium coat of Mod Podge on the edge.  Move the binder clip to the side your just glued being careful to make sure the top is not touching your glue.  Do the other side.  Let it dry.  Repeat the process two more times for a total of three coats.

cereal box book

cereal box notepads

When dry remove clips and stir sticks and enjoy!  Give them as a gift or pop one in your purse for a handy way to jot down notes.  Give them to your child in a restaurant to doodle.cereal box crafts

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4 Responses to New Idea for Upcyling Cardboard Boxes

  1. Isn’t it great? I love so many of her ideas – I only wish I were that inventive! I am going to make quite a few of these for presents, I know some of my young grandchildren love little notebooks and pens, so voila – instant gift! Thanks for you visit, hope you come back soon – I’m just getting started on the blog, but have a lot of ideas.

  2. I like this, but as I was reading I thought I’d probably punch two holes on the sides and use a ring for easy use. I have been experimenting with cardboard boxes this month as well. I made a small cradle for my grand daughter’s small dolls out of a soap box and a garage for her brother from another. If we keep our minds open we can come up with plenty of uses for things we normally toss out. Past generations didn’t have weekly trash pick up and weren’t overflowing with trash in their homes, so we can too.

  3. Using a ring is a good idea, too! When I re-posted this from the original blog, I was so excited about the idea of being able to use up some of my pile of recyclable cardboard! I hadn’t thought of using rings until you mentioned it, but that way I wouldn’t have to use/make ModPodge… which might be a better way to go. Thanks for the feedback! 🙂

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